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The "core" crisis alerts us

The "core" crisis alerts us

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2018/12/17 17:03
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Recently, the shock of communication and security industry caused by the lack of "core" has already gone beyond the scope of the industry and aroused people's attention and heated discussion. And with the "trade war" entangled, cutting constantly, still confused.
These also bring us a lot of thinking in the private network communication industry. According to the understanding of Global Private Network Communications, the domestic manufacturers that provide the corresponding chips for the private network communications industry are Huawei Hessi, ZTE Microelectronics, ZTE Federation of Things, Exhibition News, Datang Lianzhen, Litong Science and Technology, Xinke Communications, Hefei Dongxin, Hongrui, Shikang and Pioneer (Note: No matter what ranking). Global Private Network Communications interviewed a number of business leaders and industry experts through various forms. We all have a common understanding: strengthening independent research and development, forming and consolidating core technology, and controlling fate in their own hands.




As we all know, private network communication services mainly include public utilities, public safety, transportation, energy and other departments. Users include but are not limited to the military, public security, emergency departments, prisons, courts, procuratorates, rail transit, aviation, ports, electricity, petrochemical and other users. It is no exaggeration to say that these departments and industries are all related to the national economy and people's livelihood. In order to ensure the safety of people's lives and property and social stability, they need to be integrated into the overall national security concept for overall planning. Information security and communication security can not be overemphasized. Imagine, for these areas of private network communications applications, if the key links and core areas are stuck by others, hold the lifeline, the consequences are unimaginable.
It should be said that our country is still sober about this, for example, in the field of private network communication standards, we have made great achievements. After a long period of accumulation and unremitting efforts, China has promoted the formulation and promotion of PDT standards with independent intellectual property rights. TETRA has gradually faded out from public security departments, and PDT industry has matured and developed continuously. In the field of broadband cluster, we have independently formulated B-TrunC standards, which has achieved zero breakthrough in global broadband cluster standards and helped to build flexible interconnection and safe and reliable operation. Industry information network. Broadband and narrowband convergence is also advancing.
Needless to say, in the field of private network equipment R&D and manufacturing, especially in key areas, including chips, there are shortcomings, which need to be further improved in order to better grasp the initiative.
Xi Jinping has emphasized the importance of scientific and technological innovation on many occasions, mentioned that we should master the core technology, and pointed out that the biggest hidden danger is that the core technology is subject to human beings, while the core technology can not come by relying on chemical predisposition, only self-reliance.
The most important thing is that Chinese manufacturers must be alert to the "core" film crisis, have a long way to go, and have a clear understanding and adequate preparation for the global economic system controlled by Western countries. Pushing it into the private network industry is to strengthen innovation and self-reliance in all core technologies and key equipment fields, including chips, and constantly improve the localization rate of private network equipment. To this end, the Global Private Network Communications believes that there are several directions for reference:
Firstly, the relevant enterprises in the private network industry should further enhance their strategic awareness, look at the long-term interests, dare to innovate independently and tolerate failure.
Secondly, we should learn from our pains and really increase the proportion of R&D investment on the basis of existing ones (for example, we should increase the proportion of R&D investment by several percentage points on the basis of the original ones), train talents, and carry out talent and technology reserve.
Thirdly, relevant government departments should introduce more favorable industrial policies, make overall planning based on long-term interests, and promote the independent research and development ability of private network equipment through various macro-control means.
Fourthly, we should hold a group for heating and increase the cooperation of national enterprises so as to create a favorable market environment for the development and growth of enterprises, including chips.
Fifthly, with a more open mind, we should keep learning, be realistic and pragmatic. On the basis of identifying the gaps, we should learn from each other's strengths to make up for the weaknesses and strive to catch up with each other.
Crisis, crisis, opportunity! If we look at all these dialectically, then now is the best time for us to start independent research and development and overcome difficulties. In this way, the private network communication industry will be better tomorrow.
Above belongs to our superficial opinion, there are many mistakes and omissions, please generous home do not hesitate to give advice!