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Shared Class Device Solution

Shared Class Device Solution
2018/12/18 18:01
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By embedding the 4G wireless communication module in the shared devices, the functions of data transmission, equipment management and commercial payment can be realized, so that the shared economy can break through the boundaries of the industry and develop rapidly under the mode of Internet of Things.
4G wireless communication technology accurately positioning and fast state corresponding, fully integrating equipment resources, accurate positioning management, in the demand side to provide users with more affordable prices and quality experience. So after sharing bicycles and cars, new forms of sharing economy, such as sharing rechargeable treasures, sharing KTV, catching dolls, sharing massage chairs, have emerged and become the most important force in the social service industry. From accommodation, transportation, education services, life services and tourism, to pet foster care, parking space sharing and so on everywhere.
Take the shared massage chair Lemo bar as an example: The wireless communication technology based on the 4G wireless communication module makes it possible to provide intelligent travel + big data + big health services and business operations. It also provides intelligent massage services for high-speed rail, subway, airport and other transportation hub sites, effectively improves the comfort of seats in public service areas, and enables passengers to enjoy convenience and reality in fragmentation waiting time. Beneficial, professional and effective massage solution to alleviate fatigue. 4G communication technology helps Lemo bar self-service scanner pay massage, mobile phone charging supporting services, to create an intelligent health massage entertainment sharing platform for urban transport hub.