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Application Scheme of 4G Remote Monitoring

Application Scheme of 4G Remote Monitoring
2018/12/18 18:02
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The solution of remote monitoring based on 4G wireless communication technology, relying on download rate of TDD-LTE100Mbps, upstream rate of 50Mbps, even downstream peak rate of FDD-LTE150Mbps, plus the advantages of no wiring, flexible networking, and good coverage of operator's 4G network, can meet the transmission needs of almost all users for video images.

The central processing unit, 4G communication module and SIM card, camera, Flash, power supply are integrated in the video acquisition terminal. The video acquisition terminal connects the public network through 4G communication or ethernet, and forwards video data to the server for the client to monitor the front-end field status.


4G remote monitoring has the following advantages:
1. Easy to deploy: Video transmission uses wireless transmission, so that terminals can be deployed almost anywhere, including water bodies, rugged areas, remote areas, such as reservoirs, transport ships, highways, flood control and emergency rescue, oil transportation pipelines, public security mobile patrols, temporary construction sites and so on.
2. High data throughput: 4G transmission bandwidth can be as high as 50Mbps-150Mbps. Data transmission can be achieved only under the coverage of 4G network.
3. Convenient monitoring: The client can use desktop computers, notebooks, PAD, mobile phones and other Internet equipment terminals for remote video monitoring at any time and anywhere.
4. The front-end equipment of monitoring and acquisition can be movable, which can meet the needs of video acquisition and real-time transmission in mobile state.
5. The equipment is compatible and easy to upgrade. For those cameras that have deployed without wireless intelligent transmission, they can access the monitoring network through Ethernet port or WIFI docking router with 4G communication function, so as to realize wireless remote monitoring, deploy conveniently, save cost and avoid duplicate investment.