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POC Public Interview

POC Public Interview
2018/12/18 18:02
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With the rapid development of the public network POC (PTT Over Cellular) technology and the adjustment of the cloud-pipe-end architecture, the POC public network intercom service implementation is more implemented by the softswitch platform, using the operator 2.5G (2.75G). The VOIP technology of 3G and 4G networks converts voice signals into data packets and transmits them over public wireless and wired data networks. Finally, the data packets are restored to voice and played through the intercom terminal. With the iterative development of wireless communication technology, the good network coverage, transmission bandwidth, and ALWAYS ONLINE mechanism of the 4G public network enable the public network intercom to guarantee the key customer experience characteristics such as voice quality, response speed and seamless coverage. With its convenience, it has won the favor of users and has been widely used in more and more industries and fields.

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Interphone features of Xinke POC public network:
Distance is not limited, 4G signal coverage area, you can talk freely, sound quality clear, loud voice;
The call has strong secrecy and will not result in leakage due to the same frequency points.
Rich multimedia communication functions can realize voice, video and data services.
The construction cost is low, relying on the public mobile network, and there is no need to deploy base stations.
Extensible and powerful multimedia scheduling function. The use of LTE network for national intercom also has the advantages of low signal loss, strong anti-interference ability, more stable network, more smooth sharing and other operators with lower traffic costs.
The coverage of TD-LTE network is getting better and better, and the delay of public intercom time has been greatly improved, which is close to the performance of professional intercom.
The flexible scheduling capability of TD-LTE upstream and downstream can support diversified high-bandwidth services to meet the transmission needs of multimedia services.
As the mainstream technology in the world, the future technology evolution of TD-LTE is very clear. The system can evolve synchronously with the development of public network technology without additional system input.

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Highlights of public network POC solutions based on ML7810/ML7820 LTE modules:
Various audio codec drivers are available.
Optimized network and system interaction mechanism, lower power consumption, effectively prolong standby time;
Perfect audio interface and debugging tools can effectively shorten the cycle of secondary development and professional product quality assurance.
It can integrate multiple POC protocol platforms and operate flexibly.
Rich extended AT instructions are used for POC development and new business expansion.
Based on the remote upgrade scheme of POC, it provides a convenient channel for product optimization.

POC 公网对讲


POC 公网对讲