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1.4/1.8G Private Network Scheme

1.4/1.8G Private Network Scheme
2018/12/18 18:03
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Current Basic Situation of 1.8G Industry Private Network
The characteristic of private network is that customized projects go deep into the industry, close to the needs of enterprise's own economic development and management. Generally divided into several categories: Airport transport, rail transit, energy (such as natural gas, oil, electricity, etc.), of which electricity is the first, such as the Southern Power Grid, Guodian, Zhuhai Electric Power, Suzhou Electric Power Phase I investment of more than 50 million yuan, more than 100 base stations, the scale is expanding year by year.


Application of Credit Diversified Wireless Communication Module Terminal in Cloud-Tube-End Architecture
"Cloud": Identity Recognition, Management, Scheduling
"Tube": Seamless Links for Deep Coverage Access Supplement
Bah "end": monitoring, acquisition and execution
The application environment of smart grid is diverse and complex, which requires high performance of modules. With superior ESD performance, wider temperature range and stable connection technology, Credit Communications 4G LTE module provides advanced and reliable products and solutions for the construction of smart grid. At the same time, relying on decades of professional theory and design experience, it helps designers quickly complete the design of various terminal equipment, including smart meters, collectors, concentrators, distribution transformers and transformers, and greatly improves the level of power system informatization, safe operation, reliable power supply and service.


Intelligent Meter Reading Solution of Credit Module
The special module ML7815 (ML7820-E5 supporting public network) is built into intelligent meter concentrator.
The overall products of type I and type II concentrators are provided.
A complete AT instruction for power grid is integrated in the special module.
The CMUX function required for power grid terminal application is provided.
It integrates stable TCP/IP protocol, TR069 network management protocol and L2TP protocol.
Provide local and remote firmware upgrade solutions;
Used for customization of power private network - 40 degree to 85 degree environment and ESD reliability requirements;
Built-in data security encryption algorithm to ensure the correct and safe transmission of meter reading data




Provide a variety of solutions with built-in, external, single and dual modules to meet grid standards
Provide encryption algorithm to ensure communication security
Excellent high and low temperature performance to meet the requirements of complex environment
The remote upgrading scheme based on three remote terminals of power grid;
Customization requirements for power private networks;
Index LTE-1.8G
Frequency range 1785MHz~1805MHz
Reference sensitivity -94.3dBm/10MHz
Output power error 23dBm±2.7dB
Carrier Frequency Error ±0.5×10-7


On-line Monitoring System of Intelligent Distribution Network Based on Credit Module
All sensor (Smart Grid Sensor, SGS) wide-area sampling synchronization is suitable for the construction of wide-area synchronous measurement system (WAMS) in distribution network. Data Collect Unit (DCU) communicates with backstage or main station through 4G private network communication mode. It supports IEC 60870-5-101/104 specification. Three-phase SGS network in the same location can be formed by using graphics 1 (DCU) +3 (SGS) or 1 (S with 4G communication). GS + 2 (SGS) or 1 + 1 + 1 (three GSGSGSs with 4G communication). The special network module ML7815 is built in the DCU, and its power supply mode is flexible. It can be supplied either by induction self-supply or by external power sources such as solar energy and 220V.



Application of Credit Module and POC Terminal in On-line Monitoring and Operation of Intelligent Distribution Network
1) Distribution line remote monitoring: the front-end equipment monitors the current, temperature, harmonic and three-phase unbalance of the line in real time, and periodically reports to the cloud computing platform through DTU or front-end equipment (built-in ML7815 module).
2) Wide-area disturbance event recording and playback: Distributed event recorder equivalent to high precision and high sampling frequency can replace the traditional centralized recording device installed in substation. The recorded data is convenient for in-depth evaluation of disturbance events and detailed analysis after accidents.
3) Fault analysis and location: The cloud platform automatically collects the time-labeled currents and zero-sequence voltages of transformer stations collected by the sensors when disturbances occur, and realizes fault line entry, fault type judgment and fault location based on these data analysis. When a fault occurs, the background can send the trip command to the intelligent switches on both sides of the fault section to realize fast fault isolation based on the result of fault identification.
Then through POC public network intercom dispatching command, SMS, APP push mode and other notifications, and guide maintenance personnel to arrive at the scene in time and feedback maintenance status in real time.